For this sector we produce conveyors with curved or closed ring sections and with plastic or metal chains, idle and motorized rollers and conveyor belts. Here are some examples:

Conveyors for moving products (straight on the chain)
Conveyors for moving products on pallets
Mechanical devices for manipulating the product/pallet on the conveyor, such as:
– Pallet indexing station
– Stoppers and separators for products/pallets
– Elevators
– Deviators
– Shifters
– Single level storage
– Vertical storage such as “alpine” and “spiral”

Our conveyors are used to connect machines and stations or to feed operating machines. For the latter we can also combine manipulators for loading and unloading with Cartesian axes and SCARA robots or androids. For more information on these devices, please see the AUTOMATION section of this website.


household appliance

The ProFlex movement systems we make for this type of product often come complete with mechanical groups for assembly and control/testing. Our customers greatly appreciate the fact.



Protek can provide integrated modular systems for the movement and manipulation of products in the tissue sector, such as:

  • Toilet roll, both single and in packs
  • Kitchen roll, both single and in packs
  • Folded products (handkerchiefs, napkins, etc)
  • Logs
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Trims

We produce both mono-channel and multi-track conveyors, as well as the following devices:

    • Pack rotators
    • Pack turnover
    • Diverters
    • Converters
    • Vertical slides for rolls and packs
    • Elevators, transfer systems and cardboard tube rotators

By designing flexible layouts, we can cut down on space and make the movement lines as productive as possible, whilst  significantly reducing the amount of retooling and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance required.

The high flexibilty of ProFlex conveyors is a key feature that enables us to adapt easily to the customer’s logistic requirements.



We have many years of experience in this field and this has enabled us to perfect our ProFlex chain conveyor system.
It is one of the best products on the market in terms of flexibility and performance and also has one of the best quality/price ratios. The components of the conveyor that come into contact with food products are FDA certified.


Series of conveyors for transporting rusks from the oven to the packaging machine. The system comes complete with a pairing system in order to deliver the rusks to the packaging machine

in a regular line.



Alongside the food sector, these are sectors where Protek is particularly active. The level of experience we have acquired and the skills we have developed are greatly appreciated by many of our customers, which is why we are often involved not only in the production of conveyors, but also in the manipulation of the product on the conveyor.


PTC19.025 – Conveyors made entirely of stainless steel with chains certified for food / pharmaceutical use.

These conveyors can be supplied as fixed sections, with vertical or horizontal opening gates. The tracks can be straight or with curves and the lengths defined according to the customer’s lay-out.

special applications
Following the countless realizations carried out over time, we have developed and created special conveyor configurations for particular production needs such as spirals and tweest.
Our technicians are at your disposal to help you analyze and propose solutions to complex problems related to handling and handling.


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