Systems for conveying
and automating production

Protek is a company that designs, produces and installs systems for conveying and manipulating.
The main feature of our conveyors is that they are made with standard components. We are structured to organize and manage all the activities required to develop prototype machines with specific characteristics and for specific purposes, according to the customer’s needs. Our staff’s experience help us to produce machines that can maximize both the technical and the economic performance that the use of the machine requires.


ProTek is now a member company of Mesap Innovation Cluster for Smart Products and Smart Manufacturing

ProTek has appointed Eurotecsa as sales agent for Mexico and the United States. With this partnership, clients in the Mexican and US markets can now benefit from a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services and automation solutions tailored to their needs.




ProFlex conveyors guarantee reliable and precise movement. The characteristic flexibility of our lines allows us to design and manufacture conveyors that can be adapted to all kinds of different needs. ProFlex conveyors are made of standard parts, which means that the cost of the finished product is significantly reduced and the quality of construction is maximized. Thanks to this standardization we also operate in the market for single components, which can be bought and assembled directly by the customer. Click here Click here to download the relevant catalogue. 

ProFlex polyvertebrate

ProFlex belt

ProFlex modular

ProFlex idle and motorized rollers

ProFlex free roller


The AUTOMATION division of Protek produces machines for the assembly, control and testing of objects consisting of one element or more.
We work in many industrial areas, such as:

The automated systems we develop and engineer are conceived following specific and sometimes particularly complex production needs, such as having to process several types of product with one machine. At the same time we have to keep the amount of retooling as low as possible and reduce the tuning times.

Our services include the following:

Mechanical design
hardware and software

Pneumatic systems

Mechanical groups

Hydraulic systems

Electrical cabinets

Software programming

On-board machinery

Robot programming

Thanks to our experience and our clientele, we install both in Italy and abroad. One of our main characteristics is our vision of automation, which follows the concept of “4.0 Industry”. This means that our designs aim for the following results:


 Smart production:

new production technologies that create cooperation between all parts present during production, or rather between operators, machines and tools.


Smart services:

all the “IT infrastructures” and techniques that make it possible to integrate the systems, as well as all the structures that help companies (suppliers and customers) to work together profitably.


Smart energy:

in line with the mandates of sustainable energy, we pay close attention to power consumption by creating high-performing systems that waste less energy.



Customer enquiry, initial evaluation, feasibility study, offer


We use  3-dimensional software for our designs



During the construction phase we stay in close contact with the customer


We install the line on the customer’s premises


We run a final test on the finished product to ensure that it is ready for start-up


When the line has passed all the tests it is ready for production


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